“There might be some swearing, laughter, tears or silence within any session but always a lot of love & light”….


Choose YourSelf & Change Your Life 

“You will align with who you truly are, and have the tools to consciously create your life instead of stumbling around in the dark “

Find Your True Compass 

Sometimes you just want someone to give you a bit of objective support – no heavy counselling, but something more natural and yet gets right into the nitty gritty to breakthrough all the endless thinking. That gets to the heart of it all.

 If you feel like you could do with some help in getting unstuck, are going through something tough or need to make a big decision…want to find a guidance system that helps you to love yourself more & live more joyfully than you can presently imagine, or just want to know who you are, where you are going and what your purpose is, then …

I will give you simple, powerful tools and new perspectives in 4 intensive coaching sessions over 4 weeks that will bring all of my experience and knowledge in a variety of fields of mind, body and soul to ANY part of your life situation that you are struggling with or want to take to the next level of expansion.

And it will be FUN, JOYFUL and EXCITING!! Imagine that…

£200 for 4 sessions

over 4 weeks by phone or SKYPE (or a mix)

each session is 60 minutes

Please book a free 15 minute session (please give me your phone number & times to call) to get clear on what you’d like from the sessions, and see if it resonates i.e. feels good for you and I to work together


just go ahead if you are excited and book the sessions and I will contact you to arrange the time and dates

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One Off Clarity Sessions are also available for continuing clients @ £50/hr

One Off Clarity Sessions are available for new clients @ £90/ 90 mins.

I draw on tools that can include new perspectives and frameworks for understanding life, your mind and your emotions; how to find your intuition, dropping limiting beliefs, questions that open up new possibilities, along with breath work, meditations, guided visualisations, personalised card readings (I love Osho Zen Tarot cards and find them super powerful) & your spiritual numerology to guide us. Homeplay will only be taken on if it feels good & resonates for you.


Next Radiant Woman’s Retreat – Feb 3-5th 2017 – Details & Booking Here


(photo credit, cacao ceremony: Sadiye Dreamaca)