I found my one to one session with Natalie extremely helpful and uplifting. I love her classes, so to have such a tailored  Kriya was amazing. I have been meaning to book a session for ages and I’m so glad I did. Thank you Natalie!
Lucy, Teacher, 2016

I thought the whole weekend was amazing, both in terms of content and vibe.The venue was fab and the food delicious and of course the weather wonderful so great choice and well coordinated because I know that takes effort and attention to detail from you… It works perfectly

Your teaching skills are wonderful… You’re warm, articulate and you have a wicked a sense of humour which I loved and I’ve found is sometimes missing in some yoga teachers  who seem to believe to be a yogi and enlightened means you take life very seriously indeed … I think quite the opposite and I’m drawn to teachers who are warm and human and who manage to live in the real world with joy ….

You were incredibly generous this weekend with so much content – I’ve learned loads and feel absolutely amazing and so ready to take on my 50th year with passion and joy and va va vooom Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

Thank you once again for being you – I feel inspired by your example and will move forward from today with a new passion for life that has been somewhat dulled the past few years for one reason or another.

Christina, May 2016 Radiant Woman Bliss Retreat

Dear Natalie,

Wow!  What a wonderful weekend!  Thank you so much for all your hard work. – I loved every minute of it and went back home feeling rejuvenated and happy.
 It really was a fantastic weekend, great teaching by you  – with great yoga kriyas, meditations – loved all the chanting and all those amazing beautiful women who were all so supportive and fun.Thank you, thank you and I am full of inspiration and positivity after a glorious weekend.
Sat Nam Janeyx
May 2016 Radiant Woman Bliss Retreat



Loved your event (Mantra Dance, Gong Bath & Singing Mantras with Siri Sadhana) on Saturday evening! – for the record the fitbit I got for xmas showed my lowest resting heart rate so far after the event 🙂 George

“Thanks so much for a lovely class today. I always leave feeling uplifted!” Lucy

“Just to say that my Mum LOVED yoga at East Dulwich on Wednesday morning. She hasn’t stopped talking about it since.Thank you for another wonderful, restorative class.” Sophia

“Natalie is a true guru. I felt this instinctively when I first did yoga with her, she radiates an amazing energy. I later learned that guru means someone who guides you from dark into light and realised that this was exactly what had happened to me through Natalie’s classes. Natalie has helped me heal my life and those of the people around me; Kundalini yoga has taken me from a very dark place to one which is full of light, love, colour and joy. Thanks Natalie, and thanks Yogi Bhajan!”BB

“Thank you so much for last night, it was really relaxing, I slept very well and feel great this morning.” NL

“An exceptional teacher of an exceptional yoga.” RD
A friend invited me to “Illumina” as a birthday present.  Not knowing what to expect I immediately felt welcomed into the warmth of the group – yoga, meditation, chanting and singing were all incorporated to create a heartwarming session which left me feeling really uplifted and blissed out.  I would recommend this to anyone – regular practitioners and complete novices alike – whatever your background it is a truly wonderful experience!  H.Y.

I attended the wonderful Autumn (2015) event with Illumina and found it an extremely uplifting and nourishing experience. The yoga and singing blend together perfectly and it was a lovely communal evening. I will definitely go to the next event! Lucy

The Illumina event is not to be missed. Last year, my heart opened and tears flowed. It was an incredibly moving experience in a breath-taking setting. The experience is a light that continues to shine within me, particularly in those dark days that most of us have from time to time. Thank you all for this cherished and treasured memory. Tilly

 What is a gong bath like? “As a participant in a gong bath you lie on your mat with a shawl or blanket to keep you warm and something to cover your eyes. You are in a cocoon. With nothing to distract you, the inevitable will happen. All your old “stuff”, your junk, your habitual patterns of thought, your traumas, anything that irritates you or causes you to be anxious will rise to the surface of your mind and demand your attention. In meditation, you would normally just watch these thought forms arise and let them pass. But not in a gong bath. The sound waves emanting from the gong when it is struck move forwards and rush to meet with your thoughts –and this is where the magic happens: the waves meet your junk and the junk proves to be the weaker force and disintegrates and melts away. Whereas meditation is surrendering to your thoughts, taking part in a gong bath is meeting your fears head-on and seeing them fall apart, wave after wave.
But a gong bath is not only for heavy-duty emotional clearing. It’s also just as good for giving you an extra energy boost or for those of you who would like to experience a raw, pure sound in the making.”

“Was so good to be at your class yesterday. I had the best nights sleep I have had in weeks” LT

“I feel so relaxed after the meditation group last night. I feel amazing. Thank you. I can’t wait to come to the next one.” Marta

“Love and thank you to you  for an amazing class last night.” S L

“Natalie and Karen’s Kundalini Yoga retreat was everything I was expecting and more. Holycombe was beautiful and the perfect setting for the weekend and everyone else on the retreat, teachers and guests, felt like family by the end. It was such a wonderful way to explore the practice of Kundalini yoga deeper than in a usual one hour class, with the added bonus of Natalie’s amazing gong baths (so amazing I fell asleep and woke up feeling like I’d had a full night’s sleep!) walking meditations and Karen’s Shakti dance. The food was delicious, wholesome and prepared with love by Natalie and Karen. I’ve come away from the retreat more focused, refreshed and with my creative juices flowing. Highly recommended, I can’t wait for the next one!” HF

“Your retreat was truly magical, beautiful and transformational. I was surprised to learn that it was your first one: the way it all came together was really harmonious, the programme that you devised was thoughtful and seemed perfectly designed to take us all on a journey of discovery which felt inclusive to everyone, whatever their level of previous experience in Kundalini. Also, you and Karen are so calm and bright and wise and funny and kind, which is of itself incredibly inspiring and energising. The place we stayed at was immersed in positive energy, and set in such beautiful surrounds, and along with the lovely food we enjoyed, it could not have been a better experience and there isn’t anything I feel you could have done to improve on any aspect of it. I think the finest recommendation will come from the change that others can see in me since I came back. I feel it was an incredible privilege to have been able to experience this retreat, and it is definitely one of the most positive things I’ve done for myself (and those around me).” NB

“The Yoga Immersion/workshop was wonderful for me. I arrived feeling very lacking in energy  but remarkably, I got through it without feeling tired. Time passed so quickly! It was very well planned with a perfect balance of energy work, chanting  and meditation. I left feeling energised and  positive, yet tranquil. I would love to do another session like this, or a even a weekend.” KH

“Natalie is a caring teacher, her classes are well organised and focused. I very much enjoy her Wednesday morning sessions, feeling energised, peaceful and refreshed, ready for my day.” SB

I totally need more Natalie-Kundalini in my life 🙂 I am sure it will help me more to concentrate on the positive things in life and start off-loading the negative ones which take far too much energy. Thank you very much for showing us how to find our Sat Nam.” J

Natalie’s Kundalini yoga class is great. There is something new in every class which brings relaxation and energy to my body. Natalie’s fun, grounded and professional manner engages the class and allows an encouraging space for you to be present with the exercises regardless of how experienced you may or may not be.’ L B

I love Natalie’s class – I have tried several classes but this is the first I’ve truly stuck to, wanted to go to and really enjoy. I started in May last year and have not looked back. Natalie is highly knowledgeable, competent and gently encourages you to work within your capabilities whilst learning more each week. I feel fitter, calmer and have even lost some weight. J H

Just to say how much I am enjoying your yoga class. I feel a bit unco-ordinated but I can also feel a sweet flow at times. There is a lot to concentrate on! You are a great teacher, serious and light at the same time. Thanks Natalie. JN

Thank you for a fantastic class today! I thought it was absolutely wonderful and felt some sort of strange euphoria afterwards, not a troublesome thought in my head. And so wonderful to do practice in a church!. L M

I enjoy classes with Natalie immensely. She has a subtle energy and delivers the teachings with a certain lightness that shows her kindness and compassion. She is very knowledgeable and I feel safe and in good hands with her. Kundalini Yoga has transformed my life inspired by Natalie and I am very grateful to have her as a teacher.MG